It’s so loud inside my head With words that I should have said

Yo are my best friend.  You were anyways.  Why does life have to complicate things?

That late October night we’ve lived a thousand times before looks so different now that you’re gone. Everything was simple then. Windows down,  music blaring you turned to me and said,  “This song reminds me of you.”

And like a snapshot of my memory I’ll never forget it,  the way you watched me.  I let my hand float in the cool breeze outside, listening to the words and melody that so eloquently epitomized my entire being. Who I was in that moment. Who I was with you.

Effortless, easy.

This wasn’t our first night out together. It wasn’t even our best night together. But on this particular night that had become such a usual and regular thing..on this completely ordinary night something extraordinary happened.

I realized I was falling for you.


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