Your New Love Won’t Be The Same As Your Last

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Flickr / Simon PowellFlickr / Simon Powell

There was a time you were fortunate enough to have opened your heart completely to someone. Days were spent laughing at inside jokes, fingers intertwined as you walked down the street to your favorite lunch spot, his dark brown eyes like a portal to a place only you knew about. Nights wrapped up in his arms, tracing maps on his chest of where you two would visit someday; falling asleep dreaming of that “someday.”

He didn’t need to break down your walls; you never built them in the first place. He studied you like a work of art; the brush strokes of your hair, the way it effortlessly curled around your ear he’d nibble on. The hues of pink that flushed your cheeks every time he called you beautiful. You were on full display, exposed, but never self-conscious. So extraordinary, loving someone who loves you back…

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