“You didn’t leave a note. I thought we had plans; I waited up for you to get home.”

“You know what? You worry too much,” she said, running her fingers through his thick dark hair.

“You should have left a note.”

“There was nothing I could write; nothing I could say that would make this easier for you. And I’m sorry for that.”

With his head on her chest he looked up at her, knowing this was it.

“But darling,” she said with the faintest smile “it’s so beautiful here. And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that nothing- not time or distance or human mortality- can change the way I feel about you.”

Her sleepless dream ended with the sound of his alarm.

Toby stood near her, wiping a silent tear from her porcelain complexion.

“These fleeting moments aren’t enough.” she whispered.

“…and if you’ve ever loved anyone the way I loved him, I bet you’re missing them too.”

-an excerpt from a book I’ll never finish


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