Bisexual Woman Reveals What Her Sexual Orientation Really Means

Thought Catalog

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I have always been attracted to both men and women. When I was a teenager, I found it confusing at first as my other friends gravitated to one or the other. One of my first relationships was with a boy who came out as gay during our relationship. David and I spent lots of time talking, helping me to define my attractions more clearly.

Back then, I didn’t know anyone who was bisexual and had never heard of bisexuality. In university, however, I met a number of men and women who identified at bisexual. The first thing I noticed was that we each saw being bisexual very differently.

I was always most attracted to the energy of a person. If the connection was right, gender and physical presentation became much less relevant. This remains true today. When I enjoy someone and connect well with them, I usually…

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