Later, when it was all over, I repeated some of the words back to you that you once said to me, and you didn’t even recognize them as your own.

A Horny Girl’s Defense On Porn, And How It Does NOT Kill Your Love Life

Thought Catalog

From between the ages of say, six to… entirely too old… I liked to hump things. Yes you read that correctly. Daddy’s little princess would often be found rubbing herself against chairs and tables. (My parents referred to it as the “boppin thing”) I didn’t know what I was doing of course, just that it felt good to me. Eventually my mom became concerned that it wasn’t just a phase, and that I would start humping things in public. Can’t blame her, I probably would have.

I never received the birds and the bees talk. In fact, the first time I heard the term “masturbation” was in the eighth grade from my outspoken catholic school teacher. To which I remember thinking, “oh is that what I’ve been doing all this time!?” Sex was looked at as a shameful act, and abstinence was the only thing I’d ever been taught growing…

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